Strawberry Lane

Maybe we're here, there, or everywhere.....

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The Beatles
Beatles Press Conference [-]

A small snippet of a press conference, I have the whole thing, but Tumblr is being a little picky today!

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Interviewer, “Would you rather have 1000 pounds or a night out with Bridget Bardot?” Paul *whispers* “A night with Bridget”

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Strawberry Fields vs. Penny Lane? *Drum Roll*



Okay! So what do you think? They’re both gear, but I want to know your opinions! Reblog and tell me your thoughts, opinions, and general wonderings :)

 I used to think Strawberry Fields, but now I’m thinking Penny Lane. I just LOVE the imagery in it, plus I like the general tune and song bettery as a whole.

 Awesome! Hmm… I almost think Strawberry Fields, because something about it makes me mellow and I just love it, but I do adore Penny Lane. They are both amazing songs.